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spring reverb emulator pedal

Since the dawn of time, musicians have tried to cram a giant spring reverb in a little tiny enclosure. We bitches at Malekko have worked tirelessly like watchmakers for many years on this project alone– spiraling springs into enclosures only to have them pop out like a peanut can full of snakes… There’s got to be a better way!

Introducing the Malekko Spring Chicken. This little buddy is a VERY nice sounding spring reverb emulator, and although we didn’t invent this IC, we sure made it sound fantastic! This is one of those pedals that’s hard to stop playing with– Every time I engage this reverb it puts a smile on my face!

True bypass, simple to use (one knob), and features expression pedal capability for reverb amount control. Operates on either 9vDC neg tip PS or 9v battery.

While testing a box at Malekko,
A reverb this time, not an echo,
I cranked up the cluck,
Then exclaimed, “Holy fuck!
What an awesome new joint from Malekko!”

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