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Richter Megawave

Richter Megawave

Voltage Controlled Wavetable Oscillator

Full Description

Voltage Controlled Wavetable Device

The Malekko Richter series in Eurorack modular format offer the same great sound, ergonomics, musicality, and quality that made the Wiard 300 series legendary, at a fraction of the cost and size.

The Malekko/Richter Megawave is a selectable wavetable device featuring many of the available preset Wiard Miniwave ROM waveforms. Each of the ten ROM selections contains 256 waveforms. Not an oscillator, the Megawave can be used as an audio wave shaper, complex LFO function generator, stage quantizer, random function generator, non-linear waveform distortion unit, etc.

WAVE, BANK, and ROM selection are all voltage controllable and each CV input has fine control.

Megawave Manual

Additional information
Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3.25 × 2.25 in
Device Specs
The Megawave is 16hp, 35mm deep, and consumes around 90mA power.