Website design: Roland Barker at xnau webdesign

Background Photographs: Ursula Barker

Typeface: Lato by Łukasz Dziedzic

About the site design

This generation of the Malekko Heavy Industry Corporation website is the scion of a site design originally released in 2009 called “Artifact.” It gains it visual inspiration from the visual artifacts seen in computer displays. These artifacts are normally invisible until you look very closely at how the display is creating the illusion of angles, colors and positions. We use a magnification of these artifacts to add texture to the visual elements of the site.

This new generation of the site is designed to be responsive to the wide variety of devices now used to access websites. With this new functionality comes a redesign of the user interface: familiar, yet streamlined and more intuitive with multiple ways to navigate it’s content. The site’s technology utilizes the highly efficient and flexible WordPress open-source framework as a basis for the extensively customized code base.

Released September 1, 2012