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Here is a comment from the first person I sold a b:assmaster to:

We’ve used the Assmaster every day we’ve had it. The distortion is brutal and unique on buzzsaw guitars, and the glitched-out low sensitivity setting makes the Wurlitzer speak a new language.

John Baldwin
Lake Fever Studio
Nashville, TN

I believe it has just replaced the fuzz I was using, the Creamy Dreamer, as my new favorite distorted tone. It sounds a lot like my vintage Fender Blender, but with about 100% more usable settings, haha. This thing is glorious! I’ll be gigging with it tonight and tomorrow to see how it performs in the field. Thanks again for hooking me up! I love the graphics work you guys have done on this thing, it looks and feels like a very, very solid pedal. Also, I have sparkly blue “X” and of course, the teeth, which I left in. I’ll post a review somewhere good… Are there any places where you’d like to see a review where there isn’t one yet?

just received this yesterday from tonefactor.

i like it!

i’m still getting to know it, but so far i’ve found lots of great settings. some are definitely out there… () …it can sound very lo-fi and gated, tinny and “old time radio”-like, big and ballsy, brassy and rich… evil… there’s alot in this box! the blending is really quite awesome. having a seperate distortion level (“ass volume”) and bass level (“bass volume”) knob is great. the sensitivity knob governs how the “ass” reacts. this one’s a little hard to explain… in the words of the instruction sheet: “sensitivity knob very special .set low for fast attack distortion. get high for excessive and sustain and slow attack (sic.).” as funny as those sentences are, they describe it better than i could. the “ass” and “harm” switches… well, you’d probably want to PM Malekko for all the specifics. the B:Assmaster plays very well with both active and passive basses.

the pedal is very well built, inside and out. it’s brown. the face actually kinda reminds me of neopolitan ice cream. the recessed LED is very cool. there’s a big, sparkly letter “B” sticker on the back, and i don’t know why.

as i mentioned, i’m still getting to know this beast. i’ll write more as things occur. and yes, Spanky… i’ll post clippies.

and a question for Malekko: should i leave the false teeth in the pedal?

Let me give you some background – I’m a fuzz addict, particularly vintage, over the top fuzz.

So the Maestro Brassmaster was obviously a holy grail in the fuzz search.

When I found out about the Malekko B:ASSMASTER from Devi on HCFX, I was immediately intrigued. The sound clips Devi posted sent me over the edge.

There are three things I really love about the B:ASSMASTER :

Tweakability: I love fuzz with lots of shaping capabilities. I have a hard time using a lot of my fuzz pedals on a regular basis, because I get tired of their narrow band of capabilities. The B:ASSMASTER is exceptionally board-worthy because of the tone-shaping possibilities. With the “ass” and “harm” toggles, you can shape the tone of the fuzz to go from bass heavy, to highs rolled off, to thin. And the “blend” knob allows you to balance between the fuzz signal (controlled by the (“ass volume” knob) and the clean signal (“bass volume” knob.)

The fuzz’s intensity is controlled via the sensitivity knob, with a sound on guitar ranging from octave up (think Ampeg Scrambler but better) to super-compressed fuzz.

There are a lot of sounds in this box!

Flexibility: Lots of fuzz pedals are suitable, or need to be set, for either rhythm or lead playing. I found the B:assmaster covered both rhythm and lead really well. I can get titanic, unreal bass-rich power chords on the neck pickup, and soaring, biting leads on the bridge pickup on the same setting. Oh, and the Octave-up is so fantastic! So much richer than the Fender Blender.

Volume: Tons of it! Volume and and huge bass response. I have a variety of fender amps (HRD, SF Super Reverb, and a Twin.) It turned them all into facemelters. Very curious to hear it through other amps now.

I’ve only played my Strat through it. I’m sort of a Strat diehard, and I’m always fascinated to hear how Strats respond to fuzz circuits. Sometimes you run into issues with the single coils and the circuit combining to create way too much noise (Big Muffs,esp). No noise whatsoever.

I’m really looking forward to hearing my Jazzmaster and LP.

I’m obviously going to have to pull out my bass too!

The Malekko B:ASSMASTER gets a 9 out of 10. In the realm of out of control fuzz, the B:ASSMASTER is highly controllable, with none of the issues one usually deals with when playing vintage fuzzes (volume drops, radio interference, etc.) When stacked up against the likes of the RI Fender Blender (probably the closest fuzz in features), the B:ASSMASTER wins by a mile. Where the Fender Blender takes far too much tweaking to get a usable tone, you can get one out of the box with the B:ASSMASTER. Tweaking is rewarding, not frustrating!

It is one sicko pedal…..

I am a bass player and has too many fuzz pedals….THIS THING IS PRETTY SICK! I may get a 2nd one to use as distortion etc for different parts.

Seriously cool pedal AND a lot cheaper than an original Brass thingy.


I may get around to doing some clips, I may not. See if I can tear myself away from

I’m using it all the time, and it just keeps getting better. It’s so flexible, and using it on a bass = (hail)

I have a second one coming.

So good I bought it twice.


hey yo josh,

man…i wrote you this wonderfully lovely email saying how much your assmaster means to me (ok…..that mos def reads a little strange) but i got bumped offline and lost it while attemping to send it. so….this will be a remake….remix…..or just a plain old re-release of said gladhanding. i hope i remember all points of articulation. lol

ok now…i don’t have mine near to do precise compairisons but it seems that you have definately nailed the brassmaster. i’ve only gotten to play it threw billy’s live rig (annoying the sound guys as i always do with my boxes) and one of those small vox dressing room amps we have….but it seems to have all the gate-y, harsh-y, yet smooth squarewave squash that i love about it. i can’t wait to get to my gear and really grind this thing out. my brassmaster is finally retired. it’s really kool because i’ve always wanted another brassmaster (or 2) but never thought i’d get one due to the obvious reason of paying the high price. oh well….now i can…..

sooooooo….i’m wondering when your next sonic offering will be?

ohh yea…….i’m going to try to get a pic of billy and his assmaster for ya too. i should have that within a week or so.

got the pedal yesterday….brought it to rehearsals and incorporated it into my board last night…..simply amazing!!! it stayed on for most of my set.

Holy Crap! Within’ about 20 minutes the assmaster became the most crucial component of my pedal board. Twice, in the first five minutes, I completely lost my guitar signal because the assmaster vibrated my speaker cables right out of the jacks. I play in a two piece band (guitar and drums) and have been struggling with trying to compensate for lack of bass. The assmaster brings the ferocious low end rumble that I’ve been searching for. Josh finally did something right. Possibly the only thing he’s ever done right ever, with the exception of his little baby, and not a moment too soon.

Jesse Lovell Bad Ghost

B:ASSMASTER and an active Bass

Most fuzz pedals dont play nice with an active Bass. We are happy to say that the B:ASSMASTER is one of the very few that does. So all you active bass guys and gals, rejoice, throw your hands in the air, and skip on down to your local retailer and buy a B:ASSMASTER today…or just buy one from your chair off the internet…either way

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